Exploring Copenhagen

Af: , Bo Christiansen (redaktør), Regitze Hess (redaktør), Susannah Odlaug (illustrator)



EXPLORING WAYS OF SUSTAINABLE LIVING This is not your typical guidebook of Copenhagen. It shares the stories of local Copenhageners who have co-created the city that we know and love today. A common theme that connects these stories is the role of design as a tool to understand the Scandinavian values, urban development, and cultural experiences behind Copenhagen’s everyday livability. Copenhagen is growing rapidly, and is challenged with setting new standards in sustainable living. This book brings together multidisciplinary design advocates sharing their personal experiences, re ections, and visions for Copenhagen to engage city stakeholders in ensuring people-first, sustainable city development. Whether you are a tourist, student, designer, decision-maker, or urban enthusiast - we invite you to explore the city through the eyes of a local, and become inspired by the progressive ideas and development behind Copenhagen’s model for green growth. THE BOOK IS A REFLECTION ON THE LAST 25 YEARS OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT IN COPENHAGEN ”Exploring Copenhagen” consists of 12 illustrated chapters which describes 12 city areas and city concepts. The goal of this book is to provide insight into Copenhagen’s best practice solutions through first-hand, local knowledge of the city through past and present.

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